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reviews of Inviolata (2021)

 indisputably a masterpiece . . . His apparently effortless playing 

allows the lute to sing in the best sense of the word — Lauten-Info

 a marvellous quietness and spiritual depth alongside flawless 

technical control . . .  a beautifully atmospheric and seriously

welcome addition to the catalogue — Gramophone

a sense of hushed reverence, capturing . . . intimate and profoundly
introspective qualities — BBC Music Magazine

 How he manages to communicate the text without words is absolutely astonishing. This is a beautiful disc, and I think it unfolds more gems…with every listening…This is basically Josquin’s music absolutely laid bare; it’s the bones of his music. But there is so much love, and so much polish on it… he fills it with warmth and love and light — Record Review, BBC Radio 3

reviews of earlier releases

entirely delightful . . . meditative quality which Jacob Heringman catches to perfection . . . his playing is appealingly spontaneous . . . beautifully recorded — The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs

masterly and subtle playing — Early Music News

He’s master of the style and his instruments. . . . highly assured and stylish — Record Review, BBC Radio 3

elegant clarity of performance . . . a splendidly assured rendering . . . combining sparkling virtuosity with carefully paced musicianship — Early Music


a master of the instrument. . . . this is admirable playing of a refined and undeservedly neglected repertoire — Gramophone

deliciously wanton yet sensitive playing — The Independent

Jacob Heringman is arguably the most sensitive player in the business. . . . It is impossible not to marvel at the dexterity of Heringman’s finger work and very easy to be convinced by his inspired phrasing and winning sense of spontaneity — Music Week

His playing is a marvel of clarity and evenness of articulation across registers. . . . His always tasteful ornaments and ability to obtain colors from a single instrument that make us wonder if we’re actually hearing two add up to a rare and entertaining listening experience 10/10 — Classics Today

technical mastery and an overriding passion for the music itself — Renaissance Magazine

exceptional poise and elegance — Classical Guitar

a solid and effortless technique; the music flows beautifully, and has a natural shape that doesn’t sound mannered — Fanfare

 exquisitely lyrical and expressive playing — Early Music Review

 an imaginative flair that blows the scholarly dust off these pieces. . . . elegance and grace — Alternate Music Press

sublimely played by Jacob Heringman . . . resourceful, tasteful and colourful lute playing — Goldberg

 his caring, heartfelt playing really speaks, as if somehow there were voices singing through his fingers —

effortless control of tone and sense of musical direction . . . it could not be more convincingly presented — BBC Music Magazine

Instrumentally, the star of the show was Jacob Heringman with some exquisitely eloquent lute playing — Early Music Review

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