Holburns Passion: music for lute, cittern, and bandora by Antony Holborne (1997)

Imaginario: De un libro de música de vihuela (2019) 

Cifras Imaginarias: Música Para Tañer A Dos Vihuelas (2017) 

Secret History: Josquin/Victoria (2017) 

A Renaissance Songbook: Philippe Verdelot: the complete madrigal book of 1536 (2000)

El Maestro (1536): songs and vihuela solos by Luis Milán (1998) 

Alonso Mudarra: songs and solos for vihuela and guitar (1997)

Sad Steps: New settings of renaissance poems (2002)

Treasures from my minde: songs and instrumental pieces by John Dowland (1999)

Chansons nouvelles: Parisian chansons and dances c. 1530-1550 (1998)

Ther is no rose: Renaissance music for the Christmas season (1997) 

Jacob plays on many recordings by a great many ensembles, including, for example, The Monteverdi Choir and English Baroque Soloists, The King’s Consort, The Taverner Consort, The New London Consort, Musicians of the Globe, The Parley of Instruments, The Dufay Collective, The Rose Consort of Viols, Musica Antiqua of London. Here are a few miscellaneous examples.

Joni Mitchell: Travelogue (2002) 

Barbara Bonney: Fairest Isle (2001) 

Andrew Keeling: Quickening the Dead (2000)

Dowland: Consort Music and Songs (1997)

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