Catherine King, Charles Daniels, Jacob Heringman

A Renaissance Songbook

Philippe Verdelot: the complete madrigal book of 1536

Linn CKD 142

Although he was one of the pioneers of the madrigal, Philippe Verdelot has been largely overshadowed by later composers. Early madrigals are not as adventurous as the works that appeared later in the century, but they are certainly well worth getting to know. . . . Catherine King and Charles Daniels have just released a CD of his complete Intavolatura de li madrigali with Jacob Heringman (lute). To launch the CD, they were joined by Brian Shelley and Robert Macdonald . . . for a performance at the Wigmore Hall on 8 October 2000. . . . And what beautiful voices they were. Catherine King, in particular, was in spectacular form, with her superbly expressive tone lending just the right degree of passion and emotional depth to the texts. Charles Daniels always impresses, as does Jacob Heringman, whose subtle lute playing never detracts from the vocalists. An excellent concert.

Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Review, December 2000