[T]he solo songs and dialogues that make up this disc have a seductive beauty that would melt the heart of anyone who first heard them and continue, on repeated hearing, to charm and delight the listener. I cannot imagine them better sung than they are here by Catherine King and Charles Daniels, whose enunciation of the old French pronunciation is a revelation. As for his part, Heringman accompanies with great sensitivity, varying and ornamenting the stanzas with an unmatched skill that he also displays in the complementary solo pieces by Ballard.

This is beautiful music, beautifully played and sung by three musicians at the height of their powers and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone with ears to hear. I should also mention that it is recorded in an acoustic that makes one believe that one is present with the artists in his own drawing room, which is, with this repertoire, as it should be.

David J. Levy, Lute News, June 1999