Jacob Heringman (lute)

DGM 0006 CD

In a fairly recent conversation with a highly respected lutenist, I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed by his lack of interest in the potential benefits of establishing a contemporary solo repertoire for this most noble of fretted instruments. Looking back, I can see his point: thereís so much quality lute repertoire lurking undiscovered in the museums and libraries, the motivation for new creative input simply hasnít entered the equation yet. Only when everything worth reviving has been revived will there be a compelling case for adding to the inventory. To take just one example, we all know the Narvaez vihuela setting of Mille Regretz because itís in the Pujol book, but how many of us imagined there were enough Josquin intabulations from the sixteenth century to fill an entire CD?

Well, that CD has now been made by one of the most able and enterprising lutenists of the new generation. Drawing on sources as geographically diverse as Bakfark and Fuenllana, Heringman takes on settings of Josquin originals requiring up to six voices. Most formidable of all is Simon Gintzlerís intabulation of the mighty seven-minute Pater Noster. Elsewhere, we have contributions from Newsidler, Mudarra and such worthy obscurities as Hans Gerle. Itís all quality stuff and beautifully executed. And yes, the aforementioned Narvaez favourite enjoys a smooth and refined outing towards the end of Heringmanís agenda.

A quality offering and superbly recorded.

Paul Fowles, Classical Guitar, October 2000