The appeal of Holborne’s music to the 20th century has often been eclipsed by his flashier contemporaries, but this CD exposes the variety of output which is not so evident in those other composers. I have quite a collection of lute CDs, but am embarrassed to admit that, if one of them was put on the player, I might well not be able to tell which it was and would probably drift off to sleep after dance number nine. Jacob Heringman prevents any such torpor by accompanying one section with a bass viol and including instruments less commonly heard on solo recordings, bandora and cittern. Music for these accounts for a substantial proportion of Holborne’s output. But is wasn’t just the change of timbre that was refreshing. The playing has both freshness and vitality in quantities to revive even my jaded palate, supported by a technical virtuosity that often had me wondering if I wasn’t really listening to duets.

Julia Craig-McFeely, Early Music Review, March 1998