The Art of the Late Player Jacob Heringman Avie AV0011 78’ 55" (rec I995-99)

Music by or arranged by Bakfark, Fuenllana, Gintzler, Holborne, Milán, Mudarra, Narváez, Newsidler, Ripa, Waissel

This is an anthology from five discs that appeared between 1995 and 1999. Jacob assures us that they will not be reissued (though he has a few copies left: contact His criterion for choice is to balance his best recordings, the best music and variety, and to this listener at least the selection works well; unlike some lute discs, you really can sit down and listen right through, shutting your eyes and imagining that Jacob is at hand to entertain you in the most refined way. The list above misses the most prominent composer, Josquin, since I’ve named the arrangers rather than composers; the intabulations are not to be scorned.

Clifford Bartlett, Early Music Review, Nov. 2002