. . . itís fab! Clear and controlled singing by Catherine King, beautiful and finely-judged vihuela playing by Jacob Heringman; and a repertoire of songs we donÕt hear often enough. Delightful.

Christopher Goodwin Lute News, June 1999

A careful and judicious choice of music with the same care applied to the order on the disc. . . . Kingís diction is clear and precise . . . with subtle expressive singing and delicate nuances. King is supported well by Heringman with a sense of genuine dialogue in the performances. . . . This is a recording, which I recommend as possibly the closest one can come to a reconstruction of an afternoon of music in a 16th-century aristocratic Valencian household. The simplicity and directness of the performances with all the ornamentation unobtrusively in context mean that that they will survive repeated listening. June Yakeley Lute News, March 1999